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"Our vulnerability is the catalyst to our freedom"

Adam answers the question of "how to inspire people to change". Through his workshops and events he encourages inner leadership through vulnerability to help a person or team realise their potential.

To lead in a way that people (and the planet) would admire, the answer lies in realigning one's internal way of being. Get to the root cause of a person or team's lack of confidence or behavioural patterns through facing into vulnerability and the knock on effect is huge.

Master anxiety, gain confidence + transform your relationships workshop

THROUGH THIS MONTHLY WORKSHOP YOU WILL LEARN: 1. How to be yourself and not overthink in relationships through understanding your emotions, 2. How to accept limiting beliefs and be able to break dating/relationship patterns, 3. Tools to feel calmer and regulate your nervous system when something upsets you. Plus, some practical exercises to help you find the confidence to be the person you want to be in life and relationships. All of this will help you trust yourself and your feelings more. It's this that'll enable you to express how you feel in the moments that count.

The content of this workshop runs deep. It will be the start of you stepping into a new way of being in life, love and relationships.


EMOSHPIT is a safe place to explore + release emotions in a playful way. OPEN TO ALL GENDERS it draws influence from OSHO's dynamic meditation, 5 Rhythms and Ecstatic Dance, EMOSHPIT is a space to find within ourselves the bravery for full self-expression.

ITS PURPOSE IS EXERCISE, RELAXATION AND CONNECTION WITH OUR EMOTIONS AND EACH OTHER via sharing circles then, as a team, letting everything go through a facilitated workout to release whatever's holding you back to dubstep, DnB-type sounds sprinkled with banging rock tunes.

Corporate workshops

It's critical to create containers that enable team members to be truly see and heard. Even in the best team in the world, there's always some tensions which are often there because people don't know how to effectively express their emotions. Adam's workshops enable people to embrace vulnerability to understand what's actually going on with their emotions and learn how to release them constructively. The sessions are a different and deeper way to connect with ourselves and as a team. They are something that will be talked about for a while.

Please contact Adam to discuss options and he'll create something tailored to your teams needs.

Workshop examples: Improving Inner-Leadership To Build Confidence In Life's Relationship, Vulnerability & Leadership, R.A.G.E (Radical Access to Greater Energy), Facing & Embracing Emotions, Master Anxiety, Gain Confidence & Transform Your Relationships

Inspirational speaking

Adam believes the catalyst to transformation is vulnerability and has made it his mission in life to help others find out for themselves. Whether in a boardroom, lecture hall or festival, through his ability to break down complex information and his laid back, conversational style, he brings people together and inspires them to want to transform their lives.

Festival + Event space holding

Adam is passionate to raise the awareness around our vulnerability being the catalyst to our freedom. All his offerings can be tailored to suit your event. For more details on his awareness raising offerings and festival workshops...

Benefits Disclaimer

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