1-2-1 Coaching with Adam Slawson

Bring new depths to life's experience

One-to-One coaching with Adam is deep work. It’s like a "factory reset". It is for people who are ready to make lasting changes in their lives. Whether you are looking to break emotional and relational behavioural patterns, show up more deeply in the world, elevate your career or, as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, lead in a way that people (and the planet) would admire, the answer lies in understanding how humans work and realigning one's internal way of being. When someone learns how to let go of control and get to the root cause of their reactions and behavioural patterns it dramatically affects everything in their life.


“A really impactful coaching experience, highly recommended. Whatever challenges you're facing, taking on this type of coaching can help you see things from a different perspective and keep moving forward.”

“A really impactful coaching experience, highly recommended. Whatever challenges you're facing, taking on this type of coaching can help you see things from a different perspective and keep moving forward.”

Finding personal freedom takes facing into all of who you are.

Are you ready to commit to yourself?

There are stages to unfolding and rebuilding ourselves with foundational information which provides people with a bedrock and toolbox to lean on when things feel insecure and go a bit whirly, which they will. Through practise, the whirlwinds start to become part of a new way of being where you no longer fear them, in fact, you relish the feeling of aliveness they bring. There's a deep wisdom in insecurity and through my one-to-one coaching, group coaching or online course (coming soon), with practise, you'll unlock it for yourself.

What you will receive...

Up to 9 months coaching

(via 12 x 60 - 90 minute sessions)

Each dedicated session is a build on the previous one. The focus is on connecting the body + mind using self awareness + physical practices to empower a person to make the changes they want to to show up more energetically in life. 

Sessions are an opportunity to cut through the chaos and streamline everything you do to attract the life you want. Or, better put, let life live through you the way it’s meant to. You’ll receive customised tools, knowledge and approaches to work with the things you’re facing at this point in life to turn them into opportunities for deep

learning and growth.

Unlimited direct

messaging to Adam

Between sessions, clients have access to me via voice note messaging. This is available to help clients get unstuck when facing opportunities for growth or in case of emergency with regards to the edges of our comfort zone. They aid efficiency of learning and provide a sense of emotional safety to hold you during your transformation.

Weekly check ins

Clients are invited to provide a weekly voice note check in in addition to our sessions. These are to aid the development container by providing an opportunity for increased accountability with the aim of enhancing the effectiveness of the journey.

The levels of Consciousness

The levels of


To Me

Life happens to me.

By Me

I make life happen.

Through Me

I cooperate with life’s flow.

As Me

Life is me.

Hear from previous clients

Benefits Disclaimer

Becoming personally free can be life-changing. It's important to say though that this coaching, one-to-one or via a workshop or course is not a magic wand. With regards to the potential effects of anything associated with adamslawson.com or Adam Slawson he’s taken every effort to accurately represent their ability to impact. However, Adam Slawson or Plight Club ltd does not guarantee results in any given timeframe or that your well being, physical, mental, or emotional will improve immediately or drastically. Adam Slawson is not medically trained and does not claim to diagnose any conditions or be giving advice. It is his belief, from his experience, that the ideas and tools have been shown to have an effect for the majority of people that engage with him or his content; however, it has to be said that nothing on this site and/or wider reaching content is a guarantee to you for anything. Adam Slawson’s approach is for education purposes only. Among other practices, it can be a catalyst to help transform your life but you get out what you put in. Nothing ever changes without personal effort. The information provided by this website, Adam Slawson, or Plight Club ltd is not a substitute for individual medical advice.

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