R.A.G.E. Sessions with Adam Slawson

Deeply connect with and release your anger...

R.A.G.E (Radical Access to Greater Energy) sessions involve participants being verbally and physically triggered at the same time. With both triggers activated, and an immediate outlet to punch and shout at (that's trained in how to protect themselves), interesting things happen with regards to accessing emotions and deep healing can take place.

What you will receive...

1 x Emotional origins questionnaire, 1 x 30 mins Zoom call, 1 x 60 minute face-to-face ‘coach/box’ session, 1 x integration check in. 

When a person gets triggered we immediately access our primal response of fight, flight or freeze. When in this space, held correctly, a lot of healing can take place.

R.A.G.E sessions help people release deep, trapped emotions. Ones perhaps they don’t even know are affecting them.

Integration check in

Participants are invited to do a voice note check in during the week after the event to receive guidance on whatever might have come up for them.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.” 

Mark Twain

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Benefits Disclaimer

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