Group Coaching with Adam Slawson

A collective journey into a new way of being

Would you like to:

Find deeper connections in the relationships in your life? Wake most days excited to be alive? Enthused to see what life is going to bring to you today? Feeling confident to ride the emotional waves instead of fearing them? Not necessarily 100% sure of where you're going in life but knowing that's where the magic lies? If you found yourself saying yes or nodding reading this, that's your instincts talking to you.

The academy is an alternative to one-to-one coaching. It, of course, isn't as bespoke but there's a way of life that people need to know about. One where you feel free in a society that, let's be honest, isn't. My group coaching programme exists ultimately, like all my coaching, to bring more love into the world by encouraging people to accept all of who they are by empowering them to be able to respond as opposed to reacting to situations in life.

The stages of transformation

The stages of



Understand your limiting

beliefs plus the trauma/trigger

cycle + learn to respond

instead of react to people +

situations in life.


Discover the 'E' in our

Emotions + transform

yourself. Learn to let go of

control + feel in control at

the same time.


Cultivate deep presence +

attract the life that was

meant for you. One that feels
right, that has a sense of

purpose + meaning...

Are you ready to start showing up as your full self, with a deep sense of presence, wherever you are?

Are you ready to start showing up as your full self, with a deep sense of presence, wherever you are?

Those who are personally free show up as them self. Which is easy to say but much harder to actually do. They embrace how they feel to express who they are and what they want from life. With this, life starts to answer. The trouble is, often, we fear our feelings and/or we don’t know who we are. We only know the version that’s been told to us by parental and societal conditioning. Fortunately, with a different lens, we can break our limiting beliefs and step into a whole new way of being in the world.

What you will receive...

~ 3 months coaching in groups

(via 6 x ~90 minute online sessions)

Each group session is a build on the previous one going on a journey of three stages: Liberate, Acceptance and Magnetism. Through it you’ll gain an understanding of: the trauma/trigger cycle and how to break free of its limiting beliefs, the ‘E’ in our Emotions and how to let go of and feel in control at the same time plus information and guidance that, with practise, cultivates a deep sense of presence and leadership. The combination of the three stages creates an embodiment of how to attract the life that was meant for you.

Who’s it for?

It’s for anyone who is ready to embrace the unknown and feels that there must be something more to life (there is!). People who want to step out of the waiting room to be able to show up more deeply for themselves and their loved ones. It’s for those who want to make a start in tuning into their purpose and the flow of this life to really feel what it has to offer. 

Accountability check ins

In addition to the online group sessions, participants are invited into a WhatsApp group to provide support, check ins and accountability. The group brings a real sense of team and camaraderie to the transformational journey.

The levels of Consciousness

The levels of


To Me

Life happens to me.

By Me

I make life happen.

Through Me

I cooperate with life’s flow.

As Me

Life is me.

Hear from previous clients

Benefits Disclaimer

Becoming personally free can be life-changing. It's important to say though that this coaching, one-to-one or via a workshop or course is not a magic wand. With regards to the potential effects of anything associated with or Adam Slawson he’s taken every effort to accurately represent their ability to impact. However, Adam Slawson or Plight Club ltd does not guarantee results in any given timeframe or that your well being, physical, mental, or emotional will improve immediately or drastically. Adam Slawson is not medically trained and does not claim to diagnose any conditions or be giving advice. It is his belief, from his experience, that the ideas and tools have been shown to have an effect for the majority of people that engage with him or his content; however, it has to be said that nothing on this site and/or wider reaching content is a guarantee to you for anything. Adam Slawson’s approach is for education purposes only. Among other practices, it can be a catalyst to help transform your life but you get out what you put in. Nothing ever changes without personal effort. The information provided by this website, Adam Slawson, or Plight Club ltd is not a substitute for individual medical advice.

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