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"Our vulnerability is the catalyst to our freedom"

For real world change to happen we need to start showing up as our full selves wherever we are. Whether you are looking to be less anxious/numb, fix romantic relationship patterns, show up more deeply in the world, change jobs, get that promotion, improve team communication or, as the CEO of a fortune 500 company, lead in a way that people (and the planet) would admire, the answer lies in a holistic approach and realigning one's internal way of being. Get to the root cause of a person's reactions, lack of confidence or behavioural patterns and the knock on effect is huge."

Adam Slawson

Inspirational speaking

Through Adam's experience he has deduced, what seems to be, a key and stages to unlocking life's potential. He believes the catalyst to this evolution is vulnerability and has made it his mission in life to help others find out for themselves. Whether in a boardroom, lecture hall or festival, through his ability to break down complex information and his laid back, conversational style, he brings people together and inspires them to want to transform their lives.

Corporate R.A.G.E workshop

It's critical to create containers that enable team members to be truly see and heard. Even in the best team in the world, there's always some tensions which are often there because people don't know how to effectively express their emotions. The corporate R.A.G.E workshop enables people to get in touch with their anger, understand what's actually going on with their emotions and learn how to release them constructively. The sessions are a different and deeper way to connect with ourselves and as a team. They are something that will be talked about for a while.

Festival + Event space holding

Adam is passionate to raise the awareness of this work, particularly around vulnerability being the catalyst to freedom. All his offerings can be tailored to suit your event. For more details on his awareness raising offerings and workshops...

Gain confidence + transform your relationships workshop

Learning to rebel through the sensation of our feelings strengthens our emotional 'muscles' which is a life changing skill. Through the exercises in this workshop participants gain: an understanding of the key and three stages to transform their lives, a different perspective on emotions and a few practical exercises to feel freer to deepen their connection to life and the people around them.

Facing and embracing emotions talk (10 mins)

Anxiety is a big topic, especially in post pandemic times. This talk provides a foundational understanding of what's actually happening when emotions get too much at times plus tools and tips to be able to be able to choose to act on, as opposed to react to, them. ​

Business foundations workshop (4 hours)

This workshop helps take the pressure off business owners and gives them more time back in their day-to-day life. From it they will feel confident the correct building blocks are being put into place to enable future growth. Participants will (re)connect with the “Why?” of their business plus “How” they will and “What” they will do to create the change they want to see in the world. They will learn exercises to connect more deeply with their customer plus what and where the value exchange lies. They will start the process of figuring out what they are actually selling and begin a map of a customer's journey within the ecosystem that is their business so they can target them more effectively. And finally, they will make a start on a structure which will put their minds at ease, get the most from their time and enhance the feeling of connection within their team.

Benefits Disclaimer

Becoming personally free can be life-changing. It's important to say though that this coaching, one-to-one or via a workshop or course is not a magic wand. With regards to the potential effects of anything associated with or Adam Slawson he’s taken every effort to accurately represent their ability to impact. However, Adam Slawson or Plight Club ltd does not guarantee results in any given timeframe or that your well being, physical, mental, or emotional will improve immediately or drastically. Adam Slawson is not medically trained and does not claim to diagnose any conditions or be giving advice. It is his belief, from his experience, that the ideas and tools have been shown to have an effect for the majority of people that engage with him or his content; however, it has to be said that nothing on this site and/or wider reaching content is a guarantee to you for anything. Adam Slawson’s approach is for education purposes only. Among other practices, it can be a catalyst to help transform your life but you get out what you put in. Nothing ever changes without personal effort. The information provided by this website, Adam Slawson, or Plight Club ltd is not a substitute for individual medical advice.

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