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To gain the confidence to embrace vulnerability, face extreme emotions, and nurture new ways of being takes a good long look in the mirror: 


For change to happen we need to start showing up as our full selves wherever we are. Connection Coaching is for people who are ready to make lasting change in their lives. Whether you are looking to be less anxious/numb, fix romantic relationship patterns, show up more deeply in the world, change jobs, get that promotion, improve team communication or, as the CEO of a fortune 500 company, lead in a way that people (and the planet) would admire, the answer lies in a holistic approach and realigning one's internal way of being. Get to the root cause of a person's reactions, lack of confidence or behavioural patterns and the knock on effect is huge. 

Personal development.

One-to-one coaching:

With a different lens anything is possible. This is deep work, a "factory reset" if you like. Think of it as realigning the trunk of the tree (your internal way of being in the world) as opposed to the leaves (the stuff in your life). Liberation, Acceptance (of what is) and Magnetism are the three "stages" involved. The trouble is they are all mixed together so it is confusing, growth is not a straight line and it requires stamina. That's where I can help.


You want to work with a coach that feels right so we'd start with a 'vibe-check' coffee. This wouldn't cost you anything apart from 15-30mins of your time. If theres a good fit, the journey would start with a session where I'd get to know you. After that I'd design a journey for you/us to go on and have a session to take you through it. If you're happy, we'd then continue meeting for approximately 10 more sessions (12 total) on a schedule that works for both of us.

"Rage release" coach 'n' Box session:

Got some deep, trapped emotion you'd like to get out? How about having an immediate outlet in someone that you can shout at and punch (that's trained in how to protect themselves)? The same person that asked you the question that triggered you. When a person gets punched we immediately access our primal response of fight, flight or freeze. When in this space, held correctly, a lot of healing can take place.

Group coaching sessions:

Coming soon.

Business talks/workshops.

How to connect with your emotions workshop (1 hour):

In general people don't like the feeling of being vulnerable but in order to have any real connection with, and to, our emotions, sadly there's now way of avoiding it. Learning to rebel through the sensation strengthens our vulnerability muscles which is a life changing skill. Through the exercises in this workshop participants gain: an understanding of what's actually happening when we feel vulnerable, a different perspective on emotions and a few practical exercises to deepen their connection to their life and those around them.

Facing and embracing emotions talk (10 mins):

Anxiety is a big topic, especially in post pandemic times. This talk provides a foundational understanding of what's actually happening when emotions get too much at times plus tools and tips to be able to be able to choose to act on, as opposed to react to, them. 

Business foundations workshop (4 hours):

This workshop helps take the pressure off business owners and gives them more time back in their day-to-day life. From it they will feel confident the correct building blocks are being put into place to enable future growth. Participants will (re)connect with the “Why?” of their business plus “How” they will and “What” they will do to create the change they want to see in the world. They will learn exercises to connect more deeply with their customer plus what and where the value exchange lies. They will start the process of figuring out what they are actually selling and begin a map of a customer's journey within the ecosystem that is their business so they can target them more effectively. And finally, they will make a start on a structure which will put their minds at ease, get the most from their time and enhance the feeling of connection within their team.

Get to know me a bit more.

Have a watch/listen to see where i'm coming from.





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