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So, this is the short(ish) version.

I've always been a bit rebellious, at least behind closed doors. I have a passion for rock music, Guns 'n' Roses in particular. I have ten (and counting) tattoos, often wear rings and I like a mental spar when available, especially on what's really going on in the universe. I used to get out of my head on lots of different things - partying with the best of them. It created a cycle, awesome party weekends then work, exercise with a bad dose of anxiety mid-week. Rinse. Repeat. Until I learned the hard lesson that anxiety isn't going anywhere; you can't keep running from it, it's part of life. My only way out was through - I needed to figure it out, accept and feel what was really causing it. Fast forward ten years or so and I now see anxiety as a 'positive' signal showing me that something's not aligned in my life. It's 'positive' because I have a well-tested toolbox to be able to move the energy involved when anxiety strikes and take whichever road of change is needed.  


My journey of experimentation started a few years prior to 2019 - it was one of the experiments that caused 'anxiety-gate 2019', actually. It started when a philosophy professor said to me, "I sense a knot in you," and I almost burst into tears. Such a small comment caused a seismic shift. At the time I was a management consultant, the icing on a career in design and helping solve problems. One I choose to embark on because I followed my head not my heart at the age of eighteen. I did enjoy it though. Problem-solving was what I did and I thought it was who I was. I still am a problem-solver to an extent but I now have faith in my instincts more than my thoughts because I know wisdom lies in our bodies. Our minds are just a knowledge bank. Useful at times but often hampering in really being ourselves, feeling life flow through us and being free.


It's the feeling of life flowing through us that caused me to found Plight Club because I'd like as many people as possible to break free of the conditioning that was the creator of my anxiety prisons. I want to help people. That's why I certified as an integral coach and created my style, Personal Freedom coaching. Ultimately, I found so much more connection in, and to, my life I felt driven to help others find the same. It's my purpose; to help people (re)connect with themselves, feel what they need to feel, and realise their potential in whatever form that takes. Learning to understand, talk about and ultimately feel my feelings was the key.

I know what it's like to be trapped in an anxiety spiral and doing everything possible to take your mind off the acidic feeling just under your skin. Feeling like you're going to burst into tears at any moment, your thoughts not leaving you alone even for a second. Through my experimentation, and now coaching, I've learned that the answer lies in feeling more, not less. It sounds counter-intuitive but the reward - the eventual feeling of freedom and purpose - is huge. 


BUT, from experience, the journey to feeling more is a rocky road to say the least! It involves a lot of unknowns, breakdowns and breakthroughs. It's taken about ten years for me to figure out what's really going on. I used techniques learned during my management consulting days to experiment on myself and I know, for sure, that learning to witness your emotions, rebel through the feeling of vulnerability and step into the unknown takes a lot of courage. Supporting you in taking leaps of faith for yourself, because ultimately that's what they are, is where my experience can save you a lot of time and help you live the life which that little voice in your head knows is possible.

I'd be honoured to help facilitate your journey of change. It starts with us having a coffee (in person or on Zoom) to answer any questions you may have. It's free so the first step will only cost you 15 - 30 mins of your time.

 After reading the above, if you felt any slight movement in your body towards taking a step into making change in your life, that's your intuition speaking to you. Let's speak soon...

With gratitude,


PS. I still love to be rebellious and dance whenever possible, I'll never lose that. The difference now though is that I relish the feeling of the nerves (excitement) associated with really being myself and as free as I choose to be.

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