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Adam Slawson Personal Freedom Coach

Discover the aliveness of personal freedom...

Through Personal Freedom Coaching, I help people remove limiting beliefs and learn the skills to be able to thrive, regardless of whatever life throws at them. I'm an ICF-accredited coach and have been on my personal freedom journey for about ten years. Through my experience, I save people time by helping them gain clarity on the mental constructs and unhelpful behavioural patterns that are holding them back. This enables them to understand the power of vulnerability and to let go of control and feel in control at the same time. When we do this our natural instincts can be heard which enables us to approach situations more intimately, with healthy boundaries, and with a deep feeling of confidence in who we are.

What is Personal Freedom Coaching?


"I feel like I’m breaking away the rust. I highly recommend that people check this out."

Personal Freedom Coaching, formerly Connection Coaching, gives you an opportunity to work with the things you’re facing at this time in a way that turns them into opportunities for lasting learning and growth. 


It differs from therapy because it isn't clinical. The focus is on connecting the body + mind using self-awareness + physical practices to empower a person with the understanding, language and tools to make peace with the voice in their head and fully understand the bigger picture in how their emotions work. It’s this that awakens our instincts and begins to connect us with living life to its full potential.

What is coaching with Adam like?

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“We’ve massively opened a box. Like, it’s actually crazy. We’ve only had five sessions. It just sits with me so well.”

Through a combination of integral coaching, philosophy, Design Thinking, Taoist and Zen principles, psychology and kickboxing, Personal Freedom Coaching creates a container for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and actions safely. Together we'll figure out and let go of whatever it is that's in the way of you fully stepping into life.

The Personal Freedom Academy

A collective journey to find your path to freedom...

"Living instinctively and by choice instead of by habit, is a whole different ball game. My response to the question, “How are you?” was always, “Yeah, I’m good, thanks.” Even if I knew it wasn’t true. I’m an ex: anxiety sufferer, over-thinker and over-exerciser who had the management consulting job and the fun nights out. I enjoyed it most of the time. It was a great life. Apart from the unexpected bouts of anxiety and panic that were happening behind the scenes. I thought they were just part of life. It took one that stopped me sleeping for three weeks, lose 7kg of weight and even turn a weird shade of grey for me to finally pay attention. It’s been quite a journey of some ten years making the much needed changes to unlearn the conditioning bestowed upon me. 

The result? I see life very differently. I've broken unhelpful behavioural patterns to be able to live from my heart. I feel way more and all types of relationships in my life have deepened. I’ve learned to let go of and feel in control at the same time. I can ride waves of anxiety or numbness because I know that's where the growth is. I set boundaries and express myself fully. I ask for what I want from life and life has begun to answer. I gained the courage to follow my passions which started me as an ICF accredited coach and founded Plight Club. I enabled myself to let go of the reins and it’s with this new found freedom that life turned technicolour. In short, I feel more alive with a depth of connection to people and a real passion for life has developed. It’s this that guides me now, not what society expects of me. With my training and experience acting as a catalyst, I can help you start your journey towards feeling this for yourself."

I look forward to connecting with you,


Get to know me a bit...

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Adam Slawson RAGE Session


Access to



As part of coaching journeys, R.A.G.E sessions provide space for people to face and embrace their anger and talk about whatever comes up for them.

As a kickboxing instructor and ICF accredited Emotional Connection Coach I can provide safety to trigger people physically and mentally at the same time - when this happens pure anger is released which is incredibly freeing. It’s beautiful to witness.


Also available as stand-alone sessions and for corporate team-building. Find out more below.

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